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Updated: Jan 12, 2023

I love when clients come prepared for our initial meeting with ideas, colors, fonts, etc. that they love (or don't). I encourage them to look in obvious places like Google and Pinterest but also not so obvious…a store they love, a favorite eyeshadow palette, a font in a logo.

While I encourage it in the beginning, once we get designing, I cut them off from looking for even one more invitation idea. Why? The design rabbit hole is deep! Oh, you found the perfect wedding dress? If you try on 20 more you will probably find another perfect one. You love the burger from a particular place? There's more than likely another delicious burger near by. Design is a never ending roller coaster.

When we first begin designing together, it can seem a bit overwhelming for some. I equate it to throwing spaghetti noodles all over the table. But, instead of noodles, it's printed invitation samples, card stock swatches, color chips, written notes, and more. Don't panic! Once you receive the first PDF proof, all the "noodles" will have fallen into place.

Together we will talk about things you love (and things you don't) and how we can make them come alive on the printed materials for your party.

Your first round of proofs will have 2-4 design options where you can mix-and-match fonts, colors, and layouts. Once we narrow down a design, I will create the rest of your invitation suite which can include: inserts for a party or service, transportation, accommodations, RSVP cards, thank you notes, or logos. For the event itself we can create sign-in boards, menus, place cards, and drink signs.

I work to create an experience that is fun, thoughtful, and simple—I want you to love the design process and get you excited to continue planning your celebration. I look forward to working with you on our event…I mean your event. Sorry, I get a little passionate about my job.


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